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Specializing in Indian cuisine.


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I ordered 5 samosas but they accidentally sent 3 - this was the only time they've messed up, and they sent me the extra two samosas plus a free one. Very good customer service, and DELICIOUS food.


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This place is my go to for Indian take out. Food is always delicious and warm and they're usually faster than they say they'll be. highly recommend.


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I love it. Great food, reasonably priced and friendly, professional service.


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Really great food! Definitely ordering here again.


4 reviews
Best Chicken Tikka Ive had in a long time.

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Desi Galli Indian Street Food - Avenue B Reviews on Seamless


1 review
I almost never leave reviews on this site but this place deserves it. It is absolutely amazing. Ive eaten at hundreds of Indian restaurants (including Michelin-starred ones) and nothing has ever come close to this in my opinion. The Chicken Tikka Masala specifically is out of this world. You dont even need rice or naan for it as the sauce is rich, flavorful and absolutely perfect. Ive had it five times now and have been blown away by how consistently good it is every single time. Im so happy I found this restaurant.


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The food was amazing. Well packaged, tasted great, and was still hot when we recieved our order. I have dined in the resturant in person prior to ordering it on seamless and was a bit hesitant to order take out. As certain types of cuisines like Indian food at times just is not the same as in person. However I was impressed how well they packaged the food to go that it was just as good as eating it fresh at the restaurant. Saving this spot to my favorite list of resturants to order from. The lentil curry is amazing!!


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I've ordered A LOT of seamless indian food over the years and this is far and away my new favorite. Super flavorful with a bit of their own spin on dishes (perhaps slightly Americanized but I'm truly impressed my every new dish I try). I think their dishes and serving sizes are 100% worth the price, and I've always had speedy correct deliveries. Awesome vegetarian options too. Hope this place sticks around.


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Pria is the owner. Shes awesome and her cooking is phenomenal. After recently visiting Rajasthan, I fell in love with the street food in India but was worried I wouldnt find the same taste back in NY. Not only is her food delicious, you can count on getting a great portion too. I highly recommend giving Desi Galli a try and if youve never had Indian food before, this ought to be your first visit!


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Their Chicken Tikka Masala is delicious and it's enough to last two meals, at least for a person with a relatively small appetite! I've also gotten their Mango Lassi in the past and that's also great. Haven't tried their other stuff yet but i'm excited to do so. Delivery was early, but i'm around the corner (at work, can't run out) so that's also great.

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